Cotton Candy Gummy Bear Ice Cream


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    Since 2002, Moorenko’s has crafted the Washington DC Metro area’s finest ultra-premium ice cream. We make our ice cream daily the old-fashioned way, by hand in small batches, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients.

    What makes good ice cream? In our opinion, there are three primary elements to look for: milkfat, egg yolk, and overrun.

    Our dairy comes from grass-fed cows raised on small, family-owned farms in Pennsylvania and is certified rBST- and antibiotic-free. This proprietary blend of cream, milk, egg yolks, pure cane sugar, and other all-natural ingredients forms a rich base of 17 percent milk-fat - hence, ultra-premium. The higher percentage of milk-fat - with less sugar and less air than other ice creams - results in a rich, dense, creamy dessert that is wholly satisfying - the best of the best. Not many ice cream companies can call their products ultra-premium, and Moorenko’s is proud to be one of them.

    Pack Size: 8
    Size: pint