What milk do we like the most?
25 November, 2020 by
What milk do we like the most?
Spencer Burke

What Milk Do We Think Is Best?

We have one favorite that we go with every time!

There are very few drinks as iconic as milk. A staple of breakfast, cookies’ favorite drink, milk plays an important role in everyday life whether or not people notice it. All milk is not the same however. Some are more flavorful, some are healthier, some now are plant-based even, expanding the market even further.  As the market grows, one brand of milk stands out among them for us. Our milk of preference is Oberweis for quality, taste, and overall satisfaction.

They have been focusing on making high quality products since 1927 and have succeeded in standing out among other companies. Oberweis, who has been making their milk the same way since the start claims that their method is the source of both the taste and the health benefits their milk provides.   Oberweis’ milk uses no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This is to make sure that the only taste in their milk is true milk and nothing else.

Additionally, to help maintain the environment, their milk still comes in reusable glass bottles to help ensure that our world stays clean and healthy.   “We believe the right way is not always the easy way. We craft our milk today the same way we have for decades - gently pasteurizing to retain maximum nutrients and flavor”. These practices, along with the use of glass bottles for reuse shows a level of care that nearly no other company provides. 

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What milk do we like the most?
Spencer Burke 25 November, 2020
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