Our team's favorite items!

GoSoftStuff Team Favorites!!! (Best food choices)

Meet Stacie!

Meet Stacie 👋🏼 She’s our Accounting Manager, and Stacie loves eating some Mango @FruteroIceCream 🥭 Every cup of the Philadelphia-based brand’s tropical fruit ice cream is loaded with fruit sourced directly from Colombia and Thailand and contains only the most premium ingredients. ✅ Best of all: Frutero also has 40% less calories and fat than the leading ice cream brands on the market, thanks to the large amount of fresh fruit in every cup. 

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Meet Bob!

Meet Bob 👋🏼 He’s our COO/co-owner and right now Bob’s eating some Mint Chocolate Chip @Moorenkos ice cream. 🍨 It’s unbelievable how much #icecream sales are continuously up right now during #COVID times; take advantage of the demand and order a shipment today! 📊 @GoSoftStuff

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Meet Lois!

Meet Lois, our President/CEO/co-owner! 👋🏼 Lois is eating @BassettsIceCream in Salted Caramel Pretzel. 🥨 Bassetts is a well-known ice cream brand from Philadelphia, founded in 1861. Even though they’ve always produced large tubs, they’ve just launched their pints! Visit our website to learn more. 📲 @GoSoftStuff

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Meet Ben!

Meet Ben! 👋🏼 He’s in charge of all of our e-commerce and photography; Ben also LOVES eating @Moorenkos ice cream, especially Cookie Overload! 🍪 Maryland & DC area’s handmade ultra-premium ice cream, Moorenko is rBST free, and made with natural ingredients by hand in small batches and comes in 28+ flavors. 🍦 Visit our website to learn more! 

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Meet Fina!

Meet Fina, she works in Accounting! 📊 Currently, she's enjoying a delicious Orange Dream Bar by @Blue_Bunny 🐰, our new source for ice cream novelties! 

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Meet Nate!

This is Nate, he mans the front desk at the Soft Stuff office. 👋🏼 Nate loves his @DoveChocolate ice cream bars! 🍦 Whether you choose delectable ice cream, decadent bars or delightful miniatures, every bite is pure #DoveIceCream deliciousness. 

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