How the market is changing into 2021.
Vegan and vegetarian options.
4 December, 2020 by
How the market is changing into 2021.
Spencer Burke

Adapting and adjusting.

How the market is changing. The move toward vegan-friendly or vegetarian-friendly products has been expanding since mid-2019, but as COVID came full swing in mid-2020, many companies decided to innovate and alter their preexisting recipes for a wider audience. The success of Beyond Meat, Impossible, and other meat alternatives has ballooned under COVID as a result of people wanting to be more health-minded in many cases.  According to ADM, many people are transitioning to vegan and vegetarian options for multiple health benefits. Studies show that nearly fifty percent of Americans are considering switching to a healthier lifestyle.

The main problem with this however is that more Americans have become value-minded and many of these brands are more expensive. Many Americans are focusing on trying to be healthy because of COVID, and many vegetarian alternatives are more healthy.   Soft Stuff, who has been delivering and helping the community for over 30 years, is more than ready to be involved in this new market. Working with partners such as Sodexo and others, Soft Stuff is ready to tackle the vegan market.

Partners Hilton and Marriott have also been aiding in offering vegan and vegetarian options through Soft Stuff.   Soft Stuff is ready to face the challenges of the market as they evolve throughout the pandemic and onward. Working with a healthy alternative to meat and expanding the availability of vegetarian and vegan products is one thing that Soft Stuff will be more than capable of managing the market.

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How the market is changing into 2021.
Spencer Burke 4 December, 2020
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