Remedy Protect Me Immunity/Wellness Shot

Designed for defense, the ‘Protect Me’ Immunity+ Shot features high quality, 100% USDA certified organic, plant-based ingredients such as elderberry, ginger, acerola, and cayenne - providing 150% daily value of vitamin C and the ideal arsenal for natural protection. Earthy elderberry balances the zip of spicy cayenne and ginger to kick your immune system into high gear.
• USDA Organic
• Kof-K Parve

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    Remedy Organics Immunity Blend (Purified Water, Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Zinc Citrate, Vitamin D, Prebiotic (from Tapioca)*), Lemon Juice*, Line Juice*, Maple Syrup*, Ginger*, Honey*, Alfalfa*, Matcha*, Green Tea leaf Extract (Caffeine, L-Theanine), Cayenne Pepper*.