Create Unique Dessert Boards 
for Mother's Day, Graduations, Weddings, Catering Events, and Dessert for the Table

Dear Valued Customers,
We're excited to work with you in creating exceptional dessert experiences for your clientele.  Whether it's curating a board of MINI DESSERTS for table sharing or introducing an ALL CHOCOLATE DESSERT BOARD to your menu, we're here to support your vision.  You understand your customers' preferences best, and we're committed to providing the diverse range of products you need to bring your ideas to life.  Let's partner together and create dessert experiences that leave a lasting impression

Suggested In Stock Desserts

WT58300 Apple Churros 66/case

VAN53316 Brownie, Rocky Road 36/case

DAV13224 Blondie w/Choc Chips 24/case

WT63072 Blueberry Madeleine 54/case

CBG789 Butter Cake, Individual 12/case

BAK001 Cake Pops Assorted 25/case

VAN53318 Carrot Walnut Cake 21/case

VAN44398 Cherry Almond Cake 21/case


WT62144 Chocolate Fondant, Mini 20/case

BAK796 Chocolate Lava Cake 12/case

WT58301 Cocoa Cream Churros 66/case

WT63071 Cocoa Cream Madeleine 54/case

DZ07USB Cream Puffs 320/case

DZR026982 Donuts, Mini Filled 48/case

OA5003 Lemon Bars 21/case

WT62511 Lemon Tart, GF 10/case

CBG1134 Lemoncello Torte, Individual 12/case

DZ09USB Mini Eclairs 285/case

WT63137 Mini French Macarons, Assorted 96/case

BAK1136 Red Velvet Individual Cake 12/case

CBG5022 Smith Island Cake Drops, Assort 36/case

CBG836 Smith Island Mini Cakes, Assort 144/case

TNC17506 Tropical Button Assortment 177/case

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