Create Unique Brunch Boards 
for Mother's Day, Graduations, Catering Events, & Sunday Brunches

Dear Valued Customers,
We're excited to work with you in creating exceptional brunch experiences for your clientele.  Whether it's curating a board of PASTRIES for table sharing or introducing a COMPREHENSIVE BRUNCH BOARD to your menu, we're here to support your vision.  You understand your customers' preferences best, and we're committed to providing the diverse range of products you need to bring your ideas to life.  Let's partner together and create brunch experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Suggested In Stock Products

WT62033 Beignets Cocoa Hazelnut 140/case

WT62032 Beignets Plain 140/case

WT62034 Beignets Raspberry 140/case

VAN52819 Blueberry Quark 48/case

TRS2011 Crab Dip Pretzel 10oz 12/case

MOR12126 Cinnamon Bun 12/case

MOR813 Cinnamon Coffee Yogurt Loaf 4lb 1/case

DZ07USB Delizza Cream Puffs 320/case

DZR026982 Delizza Mini Donuts-3 flavors 48/case

DZ09USB Delizza Mini Eclairs 285/case

DSDS400 Blueberry Drop Scones 24/case

DSDS404 Cheddar Chive Drop Scones 24/case

DSDS403 Cinnamon Chip Drop Scones 24/case

DSDS401 Cranberry Orange Drop Scones 24/case

DSDS1001 Vegan Blueberry Drop Scones 24/case

DSDS1000 Vegan Choc Chip Drop Scones 24/case

KAB8348 Fig, Bacon, Goat Cheese Flatbread 120/case

KAB736 Goat Cheese & Honey Phyllo Triangle 200/case

WT58110 Heritage Cinnamon Swirl 60/case

WT58106 Heritage Mini Butter Croissants 320/case

WT58107 Heritage Mini Chocolate Croissants 195/case

WT58630 Heritage Liege Waffles 24/case  

KAB466 Mini Assorted Quiches 200/case

ALW99005 Mini Cinnamon Raisin Bagels 132/case

ALW99004 Mini Everything Bagels 132/case

ALW99001 Plain Mini Bagels 132/case

KAB7987 Mini Chicken Sausage & Gravy Biscuit 112/case 

 MOR408H Banana Choc Chip Yogurt Muffin 3oz 24/case

MOR401H Blueberry Yogurt Muffin 3oz 24/case

MOR404H Cranberry Yogurt Muffin 3oz 24/case

KAB7988 Mini Mushroom & Leek Biscuit 112/case

NWF30300 Nordic Waffle Berries & Cream 36/case

NWF40200 Nordic Waffle Sausage, Egg & Cheese 36/case

PER-R01M16F6 Perla Leaf Apple Pastry 96/case

WT20104 Preserves & Honey Sticks 100/case


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