Mini Muffins w/Red Fruits


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    These mini muffins filled with red fruits are characterized by their softness and the richness of their taste. Red fruit is a trending European filling consisting of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. With these tasty fillings these muffins will provide to those who will eat them, a moment of intense flavor. The appropriate and smart presentation of the muffins in their tulip baking cups emphasizes the "home-made" feel. Their small size makes them ideally adapted to snacking. These can be enjoyed at any time of the day, breakfast, or dessert!

    Pack Size: 42
    Size: 0.93oz

    INGREDIENTS: Sugar, red fruit filling 23% (red fruit puree 50% (strawberry 39%, blueberry 4%, blackberry 4%, raspberry 3%), sucrose, water, thickeners hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate-pectin, natural flavour, acidifying agent: citric acid- Trisodium citrate, conservative: potassium sorbate)), EGGS, WHEAT flour, rapeseed oil, red fruits 7,8% (currants 55%, blackberries 25%, blueberries 20%), decor 4% (crumble (WHEAT flour, sugar, BUTTER), water, modified starch, skim MILK powder, Fatty acid salts- mono and diglycerides fatty acids -Sodium stearoyl lactate, raising agents: Diphosphates- sodium carbonate, WHEAT GLUTEN, salt, flavours