Assorted Cheesecake Lollipops


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    Assorted Cheese Cake Gourmet Pops created by famous Chef David Burke for Les Chateaux. A fun treat that packs all the flavor of cheesecake along with the fun of pops, a burst of satisfaction in just one mouthful! Cheesecake Pop Assorted Flavors:Chocolate Tuxedo: Cheesecake, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate coatings dipped in peanut crunchies and Reese's peanut butter pieces. Cherry Pink Cashmere: Cheesecake, white chocolate coating, red coloring, dipped in pistachio crunchies, ground green pistachios and sweet dried cherries! Toffee Top Hat: Cheesecake, milk chocolate coating dipped in dark chocolate crunchies and ground Score bars.

    Pack Size: 50
    Size: .6oz.