Chicken Quesadilla/Cornucopia


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    White meat chicken, heavy cream, cheddar cheese vegetables and spices make up a fabulous filling for this flour tortilla shell.

    Pack Size: 50

    Tortilla: Bleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, reduced Iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflaving and folic acid) Water, partially hydrograted soybean and or cotton seed oils, salt, starch, sodium bicarbonate, potassium, sorbate, sodium aluminum phosphate, calcium proponate, mono & triglycerides, sucrose sodium stearely lactylate, fumaic acid, rice flour calcium sulfate and sodium sulfate. Filling: Chicken white meat, heavy cream (grade a cream & milk) peppers, (green, red Plabano & Jalapeno) cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk cheese cultures, salt enzymes, annatto (vegetable color) , onions, corn, salt, peppers, oregano, cilantro. Flour paste (water, flour & pepper.)

    Allergens: Wheat, milk, soy