J.W. Treuth Reserve Beef Variety Box


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    J.W. Treuth Reserve Beef is hand selected at the upper end of Choice spectrum with abundant marbling and a true tenderness to the cut. As our signature box beef, we take great pride in the consistency of our product from size to quality by following a rigid 9 step process that determines J.W. Treuth Reserve.

    The criteria in which we take:
    1. 85% Solid Black hair coat
    2 .High abundance of fine textured marbling
    3. 10-16 inch rib eye
    4. Bright red color
    5. Little to none large fat veins
    6. Free of capillary ruptures
    7. Under 30 months of age
    8. White fat covering under 1 inch
    9. No ossification of bone structure
    As an outcome to our beef program, J.W. Treuth Reserve is as close to Prime Beef as Choice Beef will allow.

    This premium selection features:
    • 4 - 8 oz Reserve filet mignon
    • 4 - 14 oz Reserve NY strip steaks
    • 4 - 16 oz Reserve rib eye steaks
    • 4 - 16 oz Reserve sirloin steaks
    • 2- pounds of Reserve ground beef 90/10


    Pack Size: